Land of Feels and Pain

I think I get more requests for Taang than anything else. lol 

Don’t worry about the others. Just follow my foot movements.
Originally by nymre.

This is partially an excuse to draw Opal’s Amelie hair ♬


Dami lying awake at night like ‘my entire life is a bird pun’



lmao i’m just imagining dick being so happy that damian is finally interacting with someone his age and maybe damian will learn how to function in normal, teenage social situations. it’s a dream come true!!

but then he meets artemis and sees he’s so much…


Artemis was sitting at the desk in his study, typing rapidly on his computer. His boyfriend, Damian, was lying on a couch a few feet away. Damian had just gotten in from Gotham a few hours ago and was horribly jet-lagged. Damian struggled to keep his eyes open and his brain…


artemis fowl is a multi-talented, unparalleled genius who doesn’t know how to make a sandwich and that’s why he’s my son


i was thinking about that poor waitress that offered artemis a children’s menu and it made me think. how many people have been around artemis fowl ii and been driven to tears.

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